welcome, Clients!  

Hello!! I'm Veronica Navarro  profesional photographer and producer of


I began my life with lens and cameras in my country Mexico back on 1988 working in a TV Channel "TELEVISA" first as a model,  videographer, editor  and tv shows producer .

I had four TV show

Locura Visual, Onda Actual, Sangre y Arena, and Chiquimundo  

All these in 8 years.

When I came to live in the U.S.A. I worked in TV Channel 22 as a producer.

My love for the cameras and edition was bigger and bigger that is why I started taking photography, Photoshop and Video Editing Classes to improve my 


Share the special moments of my clients' life and capture them with my passion and love for this art is one of the most important part of my life I really enjoy every picture I take

I love to play with night lights and posses as you can see on my images. As well as day light of course..

Thanks for visiting my site I WILL LOVE TO CAPTURE YOU WITH MY CAMERA!!